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Photo of Andrew
Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Andrew is a Canadian volunteer who is excited to develop communication at EQWIP HUBs and IRDP

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Photo of Bozkathi Oberlin
Bozkathi Oberlin
Training Coordinator

Bozkathi is a constant source of new business ideas and energy.

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Photo of Kendra
Gender Equality Officer

Kendra is a Canadian volunteer who is excited to work on gender equality issues in partnership with

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Photo of Lydia
Youth Engagement Officer

A Canadian volunteer who is passionate about empowering youth and young women to be their best

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Photo of Nasri Tumba
Nasri Tumba
Business Development Services Provider

Nasri is passionate about working with youth at EQWiP HUBs Tanzania and other business partners.

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Photo of Sarah
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Sarah is a Canadian volunteer who is excited to work with youth and build connections

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Photo of Shahada Nikuli
Shahada Nikuli
HUB Coordinator

Shahada is excited for the chance and challenge to work with EQWIP HUBs!

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